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Dark Diamonds:

The Derrick Williams Fanbase

Dark Diamonds: Derrick Williams' Fanbase on LJ
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Here is what will soon become the Derrickyero (Derrick Williams as Fiyero) fanbase on LJ. As soon as there are some members and some graphics, the community will be updated, but anyone is welcome to post at any time. :] Show your support for Fiyero of the 2005 Tour!

Your Mod: groundsofbklyn

Note: The name of the community, Dark Diamonds, is a play off of "blue diamonds" which is one of book!Fiyero's main characteristics, scrapped from the stage show during the San Fransisco run because it made Fiyero look "bruised". However, Fiyero is just as good without them, and it seemed like a decent word play when I made the comm. ^^